If your new to stream some of the vernacular can seem a bit odd. When your new it can seem like your having a stroke at times. A lot of people know by now the short hand for text and FB, but the rather small size of stream has created into own “accent” of text.... Continue Reading →


Bro, do you Improv?

As stream musicians go Darrenblainetf is one of the most original and praised. His guitar sessions and humor have made him another favorite of the stream community. This bearded brethren of rock mixes pure positivity, humor and talent to achieve success on stream. With hilarious excerpts such as playing naked guitar and getting drunk live... Continue Reading →

Fook on, Fook off!

Have you ever wondered what a 6’2” tall stunnaz wearing Texan looks like? Just ask the streamer Jaiden76. The long time popular streamer famous for his upbeat streams. Utilizing games, love and a great sense of humor “Jaiden” has accumulated a sizable following usually self described as “Savages”. One of the more hilarious sides of... Continue Reading →

Touch of Grey

All streamers know that there is almost nothing more annoying than the “greyheads” arrival into the app. Most are not more than actual streamers trolling for one reason or another. However some appear to be brand new trolls.   Possibly just a side effect of streams growth, these new “virgin greyheads” sign up for a... Continue Reading →

Jungle Boogey

There's something to be said about the oddities of stream. The streamer Jeremyjdub is definitely one of them. Rumored to be doing the same type of streams for years, he streams nearly 24hrs a day. Infamous for his sleep streams he rarely interacts with the chat bar. Recently he streamed himself in pastel colored banana... Continue Reading →

Little Streamer With a Little Man Complex

Today streamers we bring you a story of little man syndrome and the power of creative expression that has been recently banned.   Recently stream has incurred an attack from a less than competent hacker. Known as rfoster to those who know him, Robert Foster.  Recently his antics had gotten him banned for revealing streamers addresses and saying... Continue Reading →

Skipping the rocks across the pond.

Everybody's favorite ceiling fan has made our list. Sunshineandrain is the amazingly beautiful, talented and smart streamer out of London, England. You can often see her helping the truly troubled with a sensitivity only a PHD behavioral specialist can. With a beautiful heart and bubbly personality she has become one of the must see streamers.... Continue Reading →

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