Skipping the rocks across the pond.

Everybody’s favorite ceiling fan has made our list. Sunshineandrain is the amazingly beautiful, talented and smart streamer out of London, England. You can often see her helping the truly troubled with a sensitivity only a PHD behavioral specialist can.
With a beautiful heart and bubbly personality she has become one of the must see streamers. Whether playing jeopardy or free styling using lyrics comprised of the chat bar, her streams always promise wonderful content.
The hilarious side of sunshineandrain is constantly visible these days, with her fixation of the streamer RawDogg. One of the cutest and strongest couples on stream, they often can be seen playing games only a couple can.
Although constantly bombarded with compliments on her variety of gifts “sun” stays firmly grounded. Her humility and kindness are often the most mentioned attribute. There’s not a much better stream fantasy then walking hand in hand in ol’ foggy London town with someone like her. We cannot put into words how much stream benefits from this lovely streamer.


We all look forward for some sunshine and rain.


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