Little Streamer With a Little Man Complex

Today streamers we bring you a story of little man syndrome and the power of creative expression that has been recently banned.


Recently stream has incurred an attack from a less than competent hacker. Known as rfoster to those who know him, Robert Foster.  Recently his antics had gotten him banned for revealing streamers addresses and saying heinous things about users on twitter.  Which started Him spamming trending streamers on the app in general for what is thought to be payback for his banning.


It became the only thing people knew about him besides his lurking and recording of streamers. It also inevitably led to his downfall on the app.  He has also been thought to have searched for ways to kill without detection and other insurance-related searches via his google+ account.


This leaves one to come to a conclusion that something nefarious is going on. After his purported incursion of spamming, he has all but vanished back into obscurity.  Hopefully, he will come to a more sensical path of positivity in his future endeavors.


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