Jungle Boogey

There’s something to be said about the oddities of stream. The streamer Jeremyjdub is definitely one of them. Rumored to be doing the same type of streams for years, he streams nearly 24hrs a day. Infamous for his sleep streams he rarely interacts with the chat bar.
Recently he streamed himself in pastel colored banana hammock dancing provocatively around his house.


At one point simulating a lap dance. However, this isn’t the most revealing stream he’s had. There have been multiple “accidental” egg roll incidents while lying in his bed.
Due to the lack of interaction it’s hard to put your finger on this streamer if you’d dare venture into his stream. Though an obvious oddity, he has become a mainstay of stream and we even appreciate his originality of strange.
First thoughts that come to mind with his stream is the awful wood paneling and dingy bed dressing. His awkwardness seems to radiate out of the screen but does not hinder his popularity. Though his viewing times are extraordinary low he persists.
Also often seen at his job at a local gas station, “Jeremy” seems to just be drawn to knowing he’s being watched.  With 6800 streams and 6200 subscribers, it’s safe to say if it ain’t broke for Jeremy there’s no need to fix it.


Watch below for some of jeremyjdubs getting down on the bedroom dance floor.




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