Touch of Grey

All streamers know that there is almost nothing more annoying than the “greyheads” arrival into the app. Most are not more than actual streamers trolling for one reason or another. However some appear to be brand new trolls.


Possibly just a side effect of streams growth, these new “virgin greyheads” sign up for a night with only the intention of trolling. Rarely you find a funny “greyhead” but it does happen.


There’s little that can be done about the invasion too. Muting is about the only option until mods get involved. Even then some of these sad people have realized the right combination to supersede even an IP address ban.


There’s no less respect given by streamers than if you’re a “greyhead”. Best advice to all real new streamers, have some sort of picture and stream. It’s hard to say the number of actual new streamers that may have been shut down due to the influx of these trolls unfortunately.


The term “greyhead” has actually became part of stream vocabulary. They also have became another fine meme for us. Some real streamers have gone so far to place there actual profile picture as a “greyhead” out of comedic satire. For all streamers and “greyheads” alike, the truth is out there. So if you see the “greyhead” spaceships land in your stream, the best advice is to mute them and stream on.


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