Bro, do you Improv?

As stream musicians go Darrenblainetf is one of the most original and praised. His guitar sessions and humor have made him another favorite of the stream community. This bearded brethren of rock mixes pure positivity, humor and talent to achieve success on stream.

With hilarious excerpts such as playing naked guitar and getting drunk live he has become the stream face of rock. His voice seems to have very good range and allows him to do acoustic mashups at will. As with a lot of rock stars, “Darren” has displayed a certain sex appeal from the women of stream. Dont say a rocker doesnt like some groupies to virtually bang on the side.

Quite regularly waking his roommate to entertain his stream followers, you can tell Darren loves to have his music heard. Some streamers have even went so far to encourage him to tryout for the voice. Our advice is to pop over into his next stream and get your autographs while you can just dont touch his beer.

We usually wish streamers luck but with this streamer his talent and good nature rule the day. Just like stream we can’t get enough late night drunk acoustic sessions. We will say good luck with your future endeavors Darren, but we know luck has nothing to do with it this time.


3 thoughts on “Bro, do you Improv?

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  1. Darren is amazing I tell him all the time to go on the voice or America’s got talent but even when he is not playing the guitar and singing he is still an amazing friend to have we all love darren

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