Fook on, Fook off!

Have you ever wondered what a 6’2” tall stunnaz wearing Texan looks like? Just ask the streamer Jaiden76. The long time popular streamer famous for his upbeat streams.

Utilizing games, love and a great sense of humor “Jaiden” has accumulated a sizable following usually self described as “Savages”. One of the more hilarious sides of stream, last month during his Boston stream meetup he actually pierced his nipples live and just about puked his guts out in a bag. Even the shrill shrieks of the tall Texan had stream a buzz for quite sometime.

You can often see “Jaiden” employing this type of outside the box antics to entertain his streamers while drinking a 40 of Olde English and demolishing a pack of cigarettes in one stream. He also one of the most supportive streamers both figuratively and financially, he often rains tips on his favorite people. Using his fairly wide known motto “Rock your own sexy”, he often gives other users the confidence to be themselves all the while being a slap happy gay.

You can find the big man spreading his unconventional cowboy love by saving a horse and riding a cowboy. Once in the porn industry he doesn’t hold back his sexual feelings, which often comes to a comical climax with other “straight” streamers.

The sexually liberated and comical “Jaiden” has a number of crushes on stream, which he makes no apologies for. With his profile reading “Tdubb is my hetero hubby” you can see exactly why so many streamers love and appreciate his sense of humor.

Whether being handcuffed or beaten or pierced with large needles live on stream, his lust for life is infectious. With all the above attributes plus many many more, we wish Jaiden76 continued success. This is one streamer that stream just wouldn’t be stream without. Now FOOK OFF!


2 thoughts on “Fook on, Fook off!

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  1. Jaiden is a wonderful friend. He will always try and be there for everyone and will make you laugh no matter what. I love to go into his streams and talk to him and we play around alot he is amazing


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