If your new to stream some of the vernacular can seem a bit odd. When your new it can seem like your having a stroke at times. A lot of people know by now the short hand for text and FB, but the rather small size of stream has created into own “accent” of text.

Among many things exclusive to the stream community, language of shorthand has become an ever evolving trend. From the body parts to verbs, streamers are often quite creative when employing there shorthand text.

The chat bar is often just as entertaining as the streamer. With this in mind we don’t want even the greenest streamer to suffer from the learning curve.

So we have complied a short list of some of the more stream inspired language in helps of hoping the growing number new streamers assimilate. In no particular order here ya go….

1- Bobs – short for boobs you will see this A LOT in men’s or women’s streams

2- Shaky shaky- opinions very on the act definition, but generally accepted as being a sarcastic term for awesome. :see the Shaky Shaky Article under the Funny Tab

3- LNS- Is the acronym for like and share. Good stream manners dictate liking and sharing for the streamer, you should see this a lot.

4- Grey Head- Is the term for typically fake troll accounts, but could be a new streamer but very unlikely. :See a touch of grey article under Trolls Tab

5- Dead- The term referring to laughing so hard you have died. You will see this one possibly the most.


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