Do you smell the funk?

Ever wonder what a 6’4” Jason type streamer would be like? Look no further than Dr_funkenstein! The self described Dr. of disrespectful “funk “ as he is known chases down his victims just like Jason. His sharp wit and alpha personality give him the power of a true professional troll plus.   Hailing from parts... Continue Reading →


Jetpack – Does he even own one?

So anyone who is anyone on stream knows or has seen the user named Jetpack. One of the most influential streamers to date Jetpack serves the community. Using facts and a typically raw sense of humor, he as accumulated a cult following. It's normal to see streamers with a problem speak to Jetpack for advice... Continue Reading →

The Shaky Shaky Shaky Epidemic

So the gross evolution of rap has given stream the gift of “shaky shaky shaky”. The viral video of what is possibly the worst rap video of all time hit stream with an unforgiving force. If you could ignore the terrible lyrics, beat and low quality, you are still left with pregnant girls twerking.  ... Continue Reading →

Princess Pony-The man, the myth, the Brony?

Alright all you weird ones out there, it's time to explore twilight sparkle. Love him or hate him princesspony arrived on stream with an explosion of rainbow farts and odd acts. Originally, baiting viewers by not only his odd choice of female children's clothes but also hiding his face. Admitting once on camera that he... Continue Reading →

Welcome all you Stream fanatics!

We welcome all you streamers of Stream to this funny, crude and sometimes just strange blog! We will post current events and all that goes on around the stream community right here served up fresh with a hoagie bun and a side of sauerkraut. Stay tuned as we are just starting!

Charleigh aka Char

Today we wake up, grab a cup of coffee (or tea based on your preference) and hear the news of this streamer receiving the boot. Charleigh has been around the stream streets for quite a while now. Sometimes funny, controversial and seen drunk twerking, this streamer has seemed to find a way to get booted... Continue Reading →

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